Innovative protein-based and
cellular therapeutics
Drug discovery
Novel therapeutics to
tackle incurable diseases
Innovative natural products
with specific health effects

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List of successful applications


Biotechnology services:


1. Protein cloning: Our research team undertakes the cloning, expressing and cleaning of proteins required for biological studies.

2. Development of drug delivery technologies and vectors on demand: the experience of our experts allows the planning, development, synthesis and labeling with flurescent tracers on demand to deliver biological macromolecules (proteins, nucleic acids, etc.) into cells.

3. Contract research: Conducting in vitro and in vivo preclinical tests from HIT validation to animal tests in neurodegenerative (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, AMD), inflammation (sepsis, acute pancreatitis) and tumor models. The process includes:

a. Molecular modeling and in silico docking

b. QSAR structure activity studies

c. disease-specific testing focusing on target molecules (beta-amyloid, NFkB)

d. Measurement of in vitro toxicity and in vivo immunogenicity in reporter cell lines  (NFkB, AP1, HSP, etc.)

e. Disease-specific in vivo transgenic animal models (APPswe, 4T1, etc.)

f.  The experiment shall include the statistical analysis of the results

4. Bioinformatics and data mining: We offer gathering and organizing literature data about molecule groups, drug targets and candidates from scientific articles and patents into a user-friendly database. Moreover we take patent research and drawing up dossiers about preclinical drug development.

Contract manufacturing of powder and capsule based nutraceutical and functional food products

We undertake development and preclinical and clinical validation of new types of components containing scientifically proven nutritional supplements based on our extensive use of biotechnological and bioinformatical platform.








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