Innovative protein-based and
cellular therapeutics
Drug discovery
Novel therapeutics to
tackle incurable diseases
Herbal medicines
Innovative natural products
with specific health effects

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List of successful applications

Functional foods

Pharmacoidea’s team is selected from forward thinking scientists interested to solve important medical problems and translate basic science results rapidly into novel therapeutics and health food products. As it is inevitable that scientifically validated botanicals can improve life expectancy, providing significant health benefits without without drug-like side effects, one mission of Pharmacoidea Ltd. is to develop and produce innovative natural products, containing bioactive herbal components rigorously tested in both the laboratory and clinics.


With state-of-the art drug discovery approaches, the Pharmacoidea has developed MentalFitolâ„¢ synergic blends of botanicals, which proved beneficial health effects in bench-to-bedside studies in Alzheimer's disease. MentalFitol's natural compounds are being spread in various food products to decrease prevalence of chronic, degenerative diseases. The company owns a 1000 square meter factory for the production of innovative health food products and herbal medicines.


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