Innovative protein-based and
cellular therapeutics

Drug discovery

Novel therapeutics to
tackle incurable diseases

Herbal medicines

Innovative natural products
with specific health effects
Modern medicine
From selective drug delivery methods to experimental cellular therapeutics, Pharmacoidea's biopharmaceutical approaches cover a wide spectra of innovative solutions.

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List of successful applications

R&D services
From hit-identification to in vivo screening of drug candidates Pharmacoidea’s R&D services cover the whole spectra of preclinical pharmaceutical validation
Our production facility combines the latest technologies and efficiency for the production, packaging and capsule filling of botanicals, pharmaceuticals and powdered food ingredients.

As of January, Pharmacoidea, directed by Dr. Tamas Letoha, became part of the UniOxford and Sanofi led scientific endeavour IM2PACT exploring new delivery routes into the bra...

Pharmacoidea took part in the OTP Business Ambassador contest, where the jury selected it as a final winner. For more details, please visit

Food for thought
High quality herbal remedies
for the health conscious costumers.